Heat recovery systems

Process- and energy engineering

ROTAMILL plans and constructs thermo dynamic products and complete systems for exhaust gas treatment. Primarily the products are waste heat boilers, recuperators and exhaust gas systems. Here the manufacturing mostly takes place in-house.

Waste Heat Recovery From Industrial Exhaust Gases

Industrial gases of combustion processes or hot exhaust gas have a high potential to be recovered. Decisive are temperature as well as volume flow of the exhaust gas. As higher these values are, the more energy can be recovered. Weather the heat can be used completely depends on the utilizable medium. An example: If water from the heating system is supposed to be heated from 70°C (158°F) to 90°C (194°F), more energy can be used as in the production of 450°C (842°F) steam.

Our product range includes:

We deliver components as well as turn key.

Within our plant engineering we develop tailor-made, innovative and reliable systems – even very complicated plants. ROTAMILL is a specialist for exhaust gas purification, energy and waste heat recovery, sulfur pulverizing mills and process controlled engineering. The production only takes place with the necessary controlling design. The projecting, design, development and construction based on own process-know-how is created with CAD-systems.

ROTAMILL plants and apparatuses enjoy a good reputation among experts. Several hundreds of plants are adapted to the most complicated tasks and requirements and delivered to well-known customers.


  • Exhaust-gas-hot-water heat exchanger in horizontal water-pipe building technique with housing isolation
  • Exhaust-gas-combustion-air recuperator in chamber-pipe-chamber building technique
  • Exhaust-gas-saturated-steam waste heat boiler in horizontal water-pipe building technique with steam drum