Paper technology

As a company with a long tradition and many years of experience in the paper industry and the know-how of the former Langbein and Engelbracht (L&E), ROTAMILL was quick to gear its research and development work towards providing cost-effective, ecological and powerful solutions for the benefit of its clients across the globe. Whether planning new facilities or optimising existing paper machines, we provide consulting and supply turn-key all-inclusive solutions on all continents. (Thermo-reactors type L&E: click here)

Our product range for the paper technology

Paper Machine Hoods and Air Systems

Drying Technology

Steam- and Condensate Systems

Our Services at a Glance

  • Ventilation measurements
  • Analysis for optimising air- and condensate systems Assembly and installation of components and facilities supplied by L&E
  • Assembly and installation service, 24/7 fault-clearing service
  • Facility repair, service, maintenance and repair
  • Heat-recovery-system- and heat-exchanger cleaning
  • Spare parts service
  • Remote maintenance and remote diagnosis via modem/Internet & with telephone support for client staff
  • Advice and training