Heat recovery


Industrial exhaust gases from industrial combustion processes or hot exhaust air have a high potential for waste heat recovery. Both the temperature and the volumetric flow of the exhaust gases are decisive. The higher these values, the more energy can be recovered. Whether the heat released can also be fully utilized depends on the process medium. For example, if water from a heating system is to be heated from 70 to 90 °C, more energy can be used than in the production of 450 °C steam.

Within our plant engineering in the field of energy recovery we develop innovative, functional and reliable systems tailored to your requirements – even for particularly demanding and extremely complex plants.


  • Exhaust gas-hot water heat exchanger in horizontal water pipe design with internal housing insulation
  • Exhaust gas-combustion air recuperator in chamber-pipe-chamber design
  • Exhaust gas-saturated steam waste heat boiler in horizontal water pipe design with steam drum

Experts in industrial Waste Heat Recovery

Expert knowledge of the former Schirm Wärmetechnik GmbH under the umbrella of ROTAMILL GmbH.

Under the umbrella of ROTAMILL GmbH, we bundle the comptences of the former Schirm Wärmetechnik  and the former Langbein & Engelbracht (L&E). Our experts develop efficient solutions for energy- and waste heat recovery.