Regenerative Thermal Oxidation


Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) is an enhancement of thermal oxidation and is a technique for thermal exhaust air / exhaust gas purification. In contrast to the conventional thermal oxidation, regenerative thermal oxidation has a higher efficiency. In some cases, even an autothermic operation is possible. The heat of the treated exhaust gas is regenerated and warms the untreated gas. Thus, the energy consumption for the burning process decreases.

The benefits of this methods are a high thermal efficiency and a secure observance of the exhaust gas values. In some cases, the excess heat can be used for other purposes, i.e. heating or the operation of a cooling machine.

Our compact OXIDIZER is a regenerative-thermal oxidation plant / RTO and applicable wherever hydrocarbons, single or in a mixture, have to be removed and where solvent recovery is uneconomic. Learn more

The THERMOREACTOR, L&E-type, combines a high grade of internal energy recovery with ideal time- temperature- and turbulence characteristics for effective and economical exhaust air and odour removal. Learn more

If you have to clean large volumes of air with low solvent concentration, our CONCENTRATOR is the method of choice. The air is concentrated and can be burned in a downstream Oxidizer. Learn more

Our eco POWER-BOOSTER concept supplies process heat over 200 C, without additional fuel costs. Learn more

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