We provide process heat over 200 °C - without any additional fuel costs!

The regenerative-thermal exhaust air purification systems of ROTAMILL are renowned for their extremely high internal heat recovery. At present, they achieve a high technical efficiency of up to 96 %. The process-related fuel costs are thus already very low.

But it comes even better: with the efficient and innovative ecoPOWER-BOOSTER, we are able to increase the efficiency of your plant even more! The ecoPOWER-BOOSTER amortizes within a few months, depending on the individual application. Existing plants can be retrofitted. With an innovative control and monitoring system and a sophisticated energy management, process heat at high temperature levels up to 200 °C can be harnessed. With these high temperature levels, process heat can
be used in various areas — with-out any additional fuel costs!

Your benefits:

  • Simultaneous reprocessing of process heat
  • No additional fuel costs
  • ecoPOWER-BOOSTER can be retrofitted
  • Short payback periods (within a few months) viable