The THERMOREACTOR of type L&E combines a high level of integrated energy recovery with ideal time, temperature and turbulence characteristics for removing exhaust air and odours effectively and economically.  Thermal oxidation takes place in the centralised combustion chamber which is positioned over a number of heat recovery chambers. These chambers are switched over in a specific sequence from heat transfer to heat storage and back to heat transfer again. Exhaust air continuously flows through the thermo-reactor.

Organic deposits on the heat exchanger elements can be largely eliminated by burning them off in a controlled manner, using the burn-out function.  If required, additional heat exchangers can be installed downstream for recovering energy.  The thermo-reactor is low-maintenance to a large extent and convinces with its low primary energy requirement and long service life.


  • Adaptation to available installation space
  • Compliance with regulations and factory standards
  • Individual adaptation to process automation
  • Integration of additional DeNOX or scrubber systems, if required
  • Integration of additional, multi-stage heat recovery systems possible