Solvent recovery


In certain industrial applications, it makes sense to recover the solvents used. Our ACTIVATOR plants are particularly suitable for this purpose. These adsorption plants clean the exhaust air while simultaneously recovering the solvents contained in the process air stream. In this way, non-flammable solvents can either be disposed of or recycled.

The ROTAMILL ACTIVATOR is an adsorption plant for exhaust air purification with simultaneous recovery of the solvents contained in the process air stream.Valuable hydrocarbons (VOC) and solvents are adsorbed on activated carbon or zeolites from process air and recovered after regeneration of the adsorbent. Substances can be reused in the production process.

Solvent recovery with activated carbon

Our activated carbon plants offer an economically extremely attractive solution concept: While flowing through an adsorbent (activated carbon or zeolite), the solvents contained in the air are adsorbed and the purified air is blown out into the atmosphere. After the adsorbent is saturated, the desorption phase is automatically initiated. Hot gas or water vapour is added to the adsorbent in the reverse flow. The high temperatures cause the solvents to evaporate. By subsequent condensation, the solvents are liquefied and can be used again in the production process after any necessary treatment.

Double and series systems consist of two or more interconnected absorber tanks, which alternately adsorb and desorb, so that continuous operation is ensured.

Your Benefit:

  • Single-, double-, or row plant design
  • Air volumes from 10 up to 100,000 m³/h
  • Purification capacity up to 99,9 %
  • Solvent concentration up to 25 % UEG