Rubber and tyre production


In these industries, efficient and at the same time economical exhaust air purification is at the forefront - this is usually achieved with adsorption plants.

In the rubber industry alkanes (hexane, heptane) or aromatics (toluene) are very often used for medium concentrations.

During vulcanization and polymerization in therubber industry, exhaust gases are produced which are contaminated with hydrocarbons and with sticky aerosols. With ROTAMILL’s special plant technology, even these difficult exhaust gases can be cleaned efficiently.

In the tyre industry it is often necessary to clean exhaust gases with the pollutants alkanes (hexane, heptane), aromatics (toluene) or alcohols with traces of silanes. Rapid changes in concentration and air volume as well as concentration peaks pose particular challenges. The safe design of our plants, especially with regard to explosion protection, is highly appreciated by experts.