The ROTAMILL CONCENTRATOR increases the efficiency of exhaust air purification.

Our CONCENTRATOR plants can be used to clean effectively and economically large quantities of process exhaust air with a low concentration of hydrocarbons (VOC). They are suitable for large air volumes with low solvent concentrations to convert the large air volume into a small air volume with high solvent concentration. The process air with low solvent concentration is fed through a continuously rotating rotor, where the solvents are adsorbed on the surface of the internal rotor channels. The clean air is released into the atmosphere. A small amount of hot air is fed continuously through a partial rotor segment in counterflow for desorption. The solvents evaporate from the rotor. The solvents enriched in the desorption air stream are then fed to a downstream disposal plant.


  • Efficient exhaust air purification by adsorption of pollutants
  • High concentration factor
  • Energy-efficient exhaust air purification
  • Downstream systems can thus be reduced in size


Application areas of Concentrators

Concentrator plants are used for high airstreams with low hydrocarbon concentrations, e. g. in the following industries:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Paints and Varnishes
  • Resin processing Industries
  • Furniture Industry
  • Semi-Conductor Industry