Being a well acknowledged and proven Partner for Efficiency and Innovation, we always feel at home whenever powerful and reliable solutions are required. Leading in sustainable performance and service-reliability, we supply individual solutions for complex tasks and help to increase your productivity.

Living Productivity means to us also a management and corporate culture which is affected by efficiency and productivity. All our intern and extern services have an influence to our valuable customer’s productivity. Our service packages are compiled individually to ensure the customer’s benefit regarding an increase of productivity. Therefore, we are not only a sought-after partner for our customers, but also a reliable companion for employees and suppliers.


Our values, based on our history, are the baseline of all our actions and the essential drive of our company. With pragmatism as our brand essence, we stand for a solution-oriented mind-set and function, targeted actions and a clear long-term horizon. Thus we develop, by the means of our high quality standards and the deep expert knowledge of our employees, durable and thought-through products of highest quality and long lifetime.

By the means of a healthy growth, continuous development and foresighted decisions, we meet market demands with flexibility and set therefore the courses for future development. With our extensive “joy of innovation” we are always ready for new challenges and difficult tasks. Our distinguished technical competence offers the customer first-class products and a benefit beyond the pure product.

In doing so, we are always aware of our responsibility. Our employees, customers and providers profit by a trusting interaction, reliable and clear statements and a long-term horizon.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is binding for all divisions of ROTAMILL GmbH and forms the basis for further operational regulations. It includes all official interests of society in which our employees are perceived as representatives of the company.

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Our vision is an important impulse to improve the efficiency and competitive ability of our company. Hence, our vision pierces all areas of our corporate culture, from management to production. We regard all our employees as brand ambassadors who contribute to our success, today and in the future.

Efficient and Innovative

Thought-Through Processes and Individual Solutions.
Being an international acknowledged supplier of heavy-duty industrial fans with a high system expertise, we are known for clear project structures and the timely delivery of individual, reliable and low-maintenance products.
With our international presence, short time-to-market processes, the international reputation for innovative solutions in products and services, we stand for a healthy growth.

Sophisticated and Independent

Internationally Strong and Customer-Oriented.
By marketing product- and know-how brands and with our know-how in the digitalization of processes, we diminish the comparability of our performance and distinguish ourselves.

Cooperative and Competent

Growth and Success with Innovative Solutions.
With our strong brands and our high service-quality as well as our lean processes, and being a life-cycle-partner, we differentiate from our competitors.
As a development partner for our customers, we are specialized in special units and hybrid products. Our focus as s solution provider is to strengthen our valuable customers.

Value-Based and Powerful.

High Performance through Linked Knowledge and Professional Development.
Being a value-based company, a constant and continuing qualification and training of our employees’ matter to us in order to secure our knowledge for the future.
As a network partner of professional suppliers and business partners and as a partner of universities and think-tanks, we secure the know-how of our employees and hence the quality of our performance – now and in the future.

Acknowledged and Appealing

Securing our Future with competent Specialists and Executives.
We are valued by our customers, suppliers and employees for our outstanding reputation and therefore known by specialists and executives all over the world.