For decades, ROTAMILL designs and produces state-of-the-art solutions that set standards in the area of efficiency improvement and productivity enhancement.

Origin of ROTAMILL was a special technique of grinding sulfur. The engineer Bernhard Plath (from Siegen, Germany) developed and built his first plant after World War II. Core part of the plant was, and still is, a rotating impact mill. This mill consists of both syllable ROTA (abbreviation for rotation) and MILL.

Nowadays, ROTAMILL is a specialist for process plants in the range of exhaust air cleaning and waste heat recovery. With the know-how of the former Langbein & Engelbracht and the former Schrim Wärmetechnik, the knowledge of planning and construction of thermodynamic plants has been further enhanced.

Under the umbrella of the new ROTAMILL GmbH, we bundle the expert knowledge of the former Langbein & Engelbracht GmbH, the former Schirm Wärmetechnik GmbH and the process plant construction of the former ROTAMILL Anlagen-, Apparate- und Ventilatorenbau GmbH.

2020: Relocation of the headquarters into new premises

2019: Rearrangement of business divisions

2016: Re-organization of the Group of Companies into the subsidiaries POLLRICH GmbH (Industrial fans) and ROTAMILL GmbH (process plant construction)

2015: Takeover of the intangible goods of Langbein & Engelbracht GmbH

2009: Takeover of management and serviceteams Pollrich

2008: Takeover of Rotamill GmbH by Frank-Martin Bub and the VIGOR Holding GmbH

2003: Takeover of the fan range of Rothemühle

2001: Takeover of the fan range of Spelleken

1997: Takeover of Hensel GmbH

1991: Takeover of Schirm Wärmetechnik GmbH

1974: Foundation of Rotamill Apparate-, Anlagen-und Ventilatorenbau GmbH, Takeover of the engineering bureau Plath

1954: Foundation of the engineering bureau Plath, start with building of sulphur grinding mills