Sulfur Pulverizing Mills


ROTAMILL provides complete sulfur pulverizing mills. Centerpiece of the plant is the rotating impact mill in which the chunky sulfur is pulverized. Source material is elementary sulfur that either occurs as a natural product or is produced during petrochemical processing and natural gas purification. Our sulfur pulverizing mills are special constructions which have been developed further in the course of more than 60 years of practical experience and in which the typical sulfur pulverizing problems have been taken into account.

Overview of a sulphur pulverizing mill:


    Crushing Technology

    The complete grinding system (consisting of commission, primary crusher, conveyor system, mill with integrated dynamical separator, cyclone, bagging line and packaging line) is completely inertized with protective gas and monitored regarding the 02 content. For the purpose of an integrated cold-water cooling, the system design is largely double-walled. The complex flow properties of sulfur, as well as any electrostatic charging, are considered with expert knowledge.
    To produce micronized sulfur, a second crushing line is installed behind the grinding system. This crushing line consist of a jet mill, an air compressor and a dosing and mixing system.